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Welcome to the she's so right show

Brandie & Lindsey make it clear - conservative, Christian patriots,
you are heard and you are RIGHT.

Welcome to the She’s So Right Show, the compelling conservative answer to the leftist woke mob. Brandie & Lindsey empower listeners with faith-infused, freedom-steeped content, sparking unbridled enthusiasm for God and America.

It’s no secret – women everywhere are disgusted by the drudgery of the toxic liberal agenda – they’re over it and they are hungry for authenticity. Brandie & Lindsey are the unwavering voice of truth-seeking, liberty-loving women on the right. They are fierce right-leaning mama bears, but this definitely isn’t your average mommy blog.

Each episode shines light into the complexities of today’s social and political issues, unpacking the conservative viewpoint with striking accuracy. This is a place where women seeking truth are heard. This is a place where conservative Christian values are held sacred. This is a place where faith, family, and liberty are protected with unrelenting grit and grace.

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Meet the Hosts

Brandie emboldens patriots to stand up
and speak out, fearlessly vocalizing truth
laced with glimmers of inspired grace.

Lindsey, known as The Patriot Barbie,
holds nothing back with her infamous freedom fighting ferocity and unapologetic edge.

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