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Brandie Barclay

At the crossroads of faith and freedom, Brandie energizes audiences with powerful, uncompromising truth rooted in the Gospel. Her God-given ability to infuse candid Biblical wisdom with here-and-now applicability into the political and social discourse knocks the leftist liberal agenda out cold.

Meet Your Host

Brandie shares from an inspired soul, bringing Biblical truth to eye-level for listeners seeking authenticity.

Brandie Barclay is a passionate speaker, Certified Christian Life-Coach and founder of the PowerSoul Experience and Womens Clubhouse. The clubhouse is a conservative community that Brandie built against government recommendations to not gather. These events break the “rules” with tacos, tequila and Biblical truth. Brandie calls them the “Ultimate Happy Hour!”

She is the host of The PowerSoul Show on Faith Talk Radio 1360 AM and a cohost of the She’s So Right Show on The Patriot 960 AM in Phoenix, Arizona. 


After two decades of listening to the mind, body, and soul struggles of women, raising two brave daughters, and cultivating a happy 22-year marriage, Brandie uses her gifts to put steel in the spine of other believers.  


Brandie emboldens Americans to stand up and speak out, fearlessly vocalizing truth and gives encouragement on how to still love life in a broken world. 

The Lord is the Spirit,
and where the Spirit of
the Lord is, there is


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